November 22nd, 2008, 11:42 am

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And so it begins... :'D
Yup. here's page 1! *u* I'm so excited to work on this comic! This is one of my few to none non-magical-or-fantasy-in-any-way projects~ lol I'mma work on a couple moar pages and then let Star take over. *///*
Sorrie the lineart is all sloppy tho... ;u;; More pages comin soon~


It looks great!
Fuu is so cute! I love her plaits!



omfgg so cuteee ;A; and yes clear skys is most calming to me ;u;

nice page yoo )":


- Sigh - I don't really want to create anymore drama in this comic, since there's been one in the past page. Although, since this is your third manga, I thought I had to speak up. I Thought I give this comic a try, but I've been noticing that your girl characters all have similar personality, after looking at your past smackjeeves mangas. It's seriously getting repetitive =_=; Please give them some change for goodness sake. Stop making everyone all soft and fluffy, add some jacka-- characters. Atleast the guys have some sorta different personality so I'll give you points for that.

Also, your artyle is improving; though I liked the old style much better, but that's just my taste. Also, nice toning as usual. Please keep up the great work but a bit of the improvement in characters. It's just an advice from noticing the pattern, and you don't necessery have to listen to me.


Very nice! She looks really sweet and cute! :D


;u; thanks guys.

@nutrition- no. it's fine. ;u; i already kno all my charas are similar~ I make them all that way because those are the easiest for me to portay. Well, i apologize for boring you with my similar charas... ;u; As for my changing style... i dun relly kno what to say to that... TTuTT it changes as i keep drawing. I don't really mind or anything if you don't like my style anymore. i understand. ;;;


-wasn't going to say anything but... -

Natsuki, Your style is awesome and amazing, don't change for anyone but yourself! Dx

This page is also awesome and amazing. TuT/


LOL aww, Hacchan thank you so much yo~

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